What Users of /r/Tech Support Should Know about Windows 10 Product Keys

Upgrade of Window Operating SystemSome readers think that /r/tech support Get Computer Help (https://www.reddit.com/r/GetComputerHelp/comments/y17yo3/where_to_get_a_windows_10_key/) can provide info on where they can buy a legit Windows 10 key. First off, while some missives complained of getting a bad fix from other subreddit tech support, readers should know that Reddit does not allow taking compensation for moderation actions, including selling of product keys.

Secondly, as a tech support, readers’ awareness is raised over the digital license Microsoft introduced in 2016 as replacement for the Windows 10 product key. Installation by way of a digital license is meant to simplify the activation process by dispensing with the need for a driver in which to store the OS program, its related boot files and drivers for starting up the Windows program.

Still, if in case a disk-based Windows 10 program was purchased, the product key is found inside the Microsoft box that physically held the Windows 10 disk.

LAAPTOP Windows Operating SystemIn both modes of purchase, buyers receive an email confirming the authenticity of the digital license or the product key that will activate the Windows 10 operating system installed in the purchaser’s PC. This emphasizes the fact
that a digital license or a product key can be used only once since it’s Microsoft’s method of preventing unauthorized installation of their Windows OS program.

Moreover, activation by entering the digital license or the legit product key helps in verifying the authenticity of the Windows program purchased.

A Single Retail Product Code or License for a Single PC

The Microsoft Software License Terms allow the use of a product key or license on only one computer. In the event that a buyer needs to install the Windows OS in multiple PCs, a separate product key or digital license must be purchased for each computer. The condition denotes that if a buyer intends to install a single retail Windows program in 10 PCs, a separate product key or licese must be purchased for each of the 10 computers.

Hardware Changes in a Computer Running on a Legit Windows OS

Readers should take note that Microsoft does not maintain records of the purchasers to whom a digital license or product key was issued or sold.

A Windows program activated by a license or product code became automatically linked and identifiable with the computer hardware running the OS. Any significant hardware change in the computer therefore will cause a mismatch between the OS and the hardware.

In such cases, the circumstance will prevent the OS from running even if it was installed with the use of a legit product key or digital license. The Windows owner will have to buy a new digital license to re-install the Windows program and create a new link between the replacement hardware and the Windows 10 program.