Valorant Ranked Games – Valorant Coaching is Making Waves

Valorant coaching Valorant is fast becoming the name of the game to get past the number of matches that will qualify players to compete in Ranked Games at a faster pace. Yet this first person shooter game is more than just the conventional repetitive game that allows easy and quick mastery of mechanical skills. Moreover, Riot Games now requires players to reach Level 20 before they can enter the arena for Ranked Games. All the more making Valorant a highly competitive game.

Similar to Riot Games’ League of Legends that requires not only game knowledge but also application of strategic techniques and effective decision-making, especially when playing Ranked or Competitive Games.

Previously, unranked players needed only to play 10 unrated matches to make their way to the ranked games arena. However, Riot Games found it necessary for players to acquire more experience in carrying out their roles as Agents of a team on missions. Newbies need to play 5 placement matches once the arena for Ranked Games has been unlocked. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose in the 5 placement matches for the purpose of unlocking the Ranked Games.

Rank1But individual and overall team performances count in Valorant’s rank rating system. The latter evaluates wins, losses and the relevant performance points that will be summed up as Rank Rating (RR). The RR in turn, determines the rank to which a player will be designated. That denotes that win records garner high points that could enable him to reach the Iron 2 or Iron 3 Rank.
The resulting Rank Rate (RR) represents the number of points, to which Iron is the lowest rank. Winning or losing a match has no bearing, as the ranking system evaluates the individual and overall performances of newbies in placement matches. After a player has been ranked, he only needs to play 3 ranked matches in each round.

Know the Different Agents and Their Signature Ability

Beginners must first decide the role they will play as each Agent. Doing so will entitle them to use different signature abilities.

Controller – The Agent that has the capabilities to block off and seal areas with a utility kit containing smoke, walls and various forms of disruptions. Considered as the easiest agent to navigate, it’s the most popular Agent chosen by beginners.

The Duelist Agent is the most aggressive of all Valorant roles since they have the increased ability to win in any one-on-one duel owing to their signature ability to recharge with every 2 kills as opposed to getting recharged after a cooldown period.

Initiator is the Agent that initiates attacks as the title implies, having the ability to flush out hiding enemies.

Sentinel is also a support agent by preventing the enemies from flanking and by exerting one’s defensive stance on a site using a strategic game play.