Important Tech Capabilities that Minecraft Survival Players Look for in Servers

Minecraft survival is a building-themed game in which players have to scavenge for objects they can use to survive the different challenges they will have to face. The tasks at hand can be gruelling, which makes it important to have the support of a server that can store and manage the data related to their game progress.

M8necraft charwcterOn their own and unprotected as a human character made from blocks, a player’s first line of protection is a shelter that can shield him against monsters and mobsters that come out at night. Yet one has to first make the necessary tools to use for building.

Players should not despair though if they can’t make the right tools and gather enough supplies to build a house on his first day. Digging a hole in which to burrow temporarily and hide during the night will suffice.

Minecraft monsterNew players need to have a stronger protection if they want to progress in the game. Always keep in mind that the key mindset that will allow you to stay long and further in the game is your survival instinct and your knack for improvising tools you can use for building.

Why Playing Minecraft with a Server is Better than Relying Solely on Desktop Computer

Using a Minecraft-dedicated server when playing Survival or other game modes, is more advantageous than relying on the technical capabilities of one’s desktop computer.
First off, a server supports multiple user-access and various user-applications.

Moreover, server systems in general are under the supervision and maintenance of an administrator located in the data centre of the related game. The administrator sees to it that all critical data have back up files, while ensuring that appropriate security policies are applied in the use of the server.

Although players and their desktop computers have such capabilities, the option to carry out such tasks depends on a player’s willingness to sacrifice his gaming time.

Examples of Important Features Minecraft Players Look for in the Best Survival Server

Minecraft servers that have higher RAM capabilities like the DDR3 SDRAM have scalable support that allows for better performance and stronger security. Moreover, during the RAM’s read and write sequencing, servers with ECC technology does the automatic checking and corrections of single bit errors. Naturally, such capability lets multiple Minecraft players fully dedicate their playing time without unnecessary interruptions.

Minecraft and other game servers typically have larger cache memories in their corresponding CPUs. Compared to the cache memory support of desktop computers, the larger cache memories of servers make retrieval of frequently requested data faster.

Servers with the technology known as Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) gives servers higher storage capacity. The RAID technology allows the insertion and configuration of multiple disks into a single disk. This provides users protection against failure of a single disk in storing all data content of the stored multiple disks. In the event of a server failure, the RAID technology can also reconstruct every individual disks stored by the RAID system,